a single bud break

Our Story

Every patch of earth has a story rooted deep in its soil – an evolving, unfolding story.

Since the mid 1990s, our sustainably farmed vineyard has been preparing itself for a new chapter. We’re now composing that chapter under the name Brave & Maiden Estate.

We take our name from the “Legend of Nojoqui” (pronounced Naw-ho-wee), an indigenous incarnation of Romeo & Juliet. Set at the nearby Nojoqui Falls, the legend recounts the story of star-crossed lovers who choose death over separation. Inspired by such profound dedication, we’ve committed ourselves to crafting the most exquisite wines our estate can yield.

Our story begins with a singular wine, a proprietary red blend we call Union. Generous, satisfying, and ready to discover now, Union foreshadows exciting things to come for Brave & Maiden.

In 2018, our story will build as we open the doors to a new winery and tasting room on the estate. Refined yet familiar, and set under an expansive sky, the design of our estate will be a rustic but contemporary homage to the agricultural and equestrian heritage of our valley.

Our vision for Brave & Maiden is twofold: to be vintners tenaciously striving to capture greatness in a bottle and to be gracious hosts, eager to create for you an incomparable and unforgettable experience of our wines.

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